Kriti Sanon Beauty Secrets & Skincare Routine

Kriti Sanon’s grand beauty minutes are dependably worth bookmarking. Aside from her propensity for everything negligible, her devotion towards her skincare routine is engaging as well. Our much procrastinated skincare schedules are at long last set up and assuming you are hoping to rethink it, Kriti Sanon could give you a motivation to do as such. In a new video, the entertainer provided us with a brief look at her morning skincare routine and trust us, we totally need to bookmark it.

Step 1: Ice Dunking. For Kriti Sanon, refreshed, de-puffed skin is a must to begin her day.
Step 2: Mask It Up
Step 3: Under Eye Patch
Step 4: Rose Water
Step 5: Serum
Step 6: Sunscreen