Pooja Hegde’s Secrets

Pooja Hegde’s Happy Home is a collection of articles. Almost like a movie scene passing through the floor and walls, every element of this house is a movie of love, life and drama that brings a sense of belonging, comfort and heart relief to the superstar himself. The house uses space wisely, and hidden doors reveal storage space. The color of the house is pastel, while the lighting and decoration of the house use exposed filaments as a pattern. It is rare to see a house like this: built with the wisdom of ancient Indian houses and combined with modern aesthetics that reflect the best of the world.

Actress Pooja Hegde’s home reflects her personality and has put in a lot of effort to ensure that every nook and cranny is well organized. The actor lives in a high-rise apartment with a bird’s-eye view in Mumbai. As Pooja takes a tour of her home, opening spaces reserved for her, her loved ones and friends, she calls it her safe haven where she can be alone. In a video, shared as part of Asian Paints’ take on celebrity homes, she said she always wanted her home to tell a story.

At the end, Pooja takes you to her room through the “Hall of Fame” corridor where she has hung posters of all her favorite movies. Her bedroom is just as comfortable as the rest of the house with soft beds, seating for guests and a display for movie nights. Pooja says that the guests who come with her are relaxing in this room rather than the living room because of the television. Before wrapping up the video, Pooja also gives a glimpse of her beautiful roof that has a beautiful design with black bars running across it.

Pooja says of her home: “Both my parents worked. My mother works, my father works, but the strange thing is that when my father came home from work, he never brought work to the house or his stress. He always comes back as a child. He played with us. So everywhere it has affected the way I look at my house.