In any case, Korean beauty patterns have figured out how to catch the hearts and brains (and wallets) of beauty fans from one side of the planet to the other while K-beauty sovereigns, similar to K-pop star Jessica Jung, have turned into the new end-all, be-all of our beauty yearnings. Like any obvious K-beauty lover, Jung has an intricate multistep (16 to be accurate) interaction to consummating her dewy, normal look, and she imparted all of it to Vogue so we can take every last bit of her privileged insights.

Jessica Jung Beauty Secrets & Makeup Routine

K-Pop Star With Jessica Jung Shares Beauty Secrets

applying one to the apple of each cheek and one more to her brow, passing on them to absorb briefly. She follows that up with a portion of pith, lotion, and eye cream (all from her Blanc and Eclare style and beauty care products line). “I like to utilize the intensity of my hands since it assists the skin with engrossing the items,” Jung cleared up for Vogue. She finishes that off with a spritz of hydrating facial fog. “On flights where it’s truly dry, I splash everything over the spot,” says Jung, showering a radiance of fog generally around her head. In the wake of applying lip demulcent, she puts on sunscreen (a fundamental stage for us all) and afterward finishes that off with establishment.