Window ACs are window or wall mounted and are apt for a small room. Window ACs are typically pocket-friendly with a low maintenance cost. You can choose window AC that suits your needs the best- 1 ton, 1.5 ton or 2-ton- depending on the size of your room and the space where it’ll be installed.
Split ACs are mounted on the wall and are mostly used in large rooms given their high cooling capacity. They do not require windows for installing, and come with a condenser and a compressor. Available in various capacities such as 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton,

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Amazon India offers portable air conditioners like Lloyd 1-ton and Samsung that provide cooling wherever you want. These floor-standing portable ACs have all the features and functions of a window or split air conditioner including auto-restart, energy saving mode and, of course, sleek design.