New Apple iPhone 15 Pro Smartphone Price in USA

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Smartphone camera

  • 24MP 1X photographs, or twofold the goal on each of the four models
  • New programmed Picture mode (in the event that you have an individual or pet in a photograph)
  • iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models get new and bigger than before 48MP sensor, as well as 2X (52mm) sensor crop
  • iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max get new 1.2X (28mm) and 1.5X (35mm) sensor crop modes
  • Select for iPhone 15 Pro Max: New 5X (120mm) tetraprism zoom camera
  • Recording video straightforwardly to an outer drive through USB-C

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models accompany two cameras on the back, while the Pro and Pro Max models have three cameras.

Assuming you go for the Pro models, you ought to know that the more modest 15 Pro model elements the comfortable 3X long range focal point for certain improvements, while the bigger 15 Pro Max model purposes another 5X long range focal point rather which gives you significantly more reach (obviously quality in the 3X to 4.9X territory will be a piece more awful than on the more modest model).

Due to the bigger size of that new camera, this year Apple is just involving it in the Pro model, while some hypothesize that one year from now both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will have that new 5X long range focal point.

What are the best Apple iPhone 15 accessories?

You can purchase iPhone 15 cases and different accessories from Apple or numerous other outsider organizations.

The large news in the realm of Apple accessories is that Apple is done contribution a cowhide case choice for the iPhone 15 series. The organization is suspending the calfskin for another all the more harmless to the ecosystem “FineWoven” material.

It feels totally unique in relation to cowhide with somewhat of a material vibe, yet starting surveys are basic as it scratches effectively and those scratch marks remain truly noticeable after that. This new material would probably be okay in the event that it was utilized in a modest case, yet not such a huge amount in a premium, $60 case.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 5G Smartphone
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 5G Smartphone Price In USA

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Smartphone Price in USA

Apple has revealed four new iPhone 15 models, following the playbook from the iPhone 14 and earlier years.

First is the vanilla iPhone 15, then the iPhone 15 Plus, and afterward the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. All beginning at similar costs and have similar capacity choices, with the exception of the iPhone 15 Pro Max which currently begins at a higher $1,200 cost, however has 256GB capacity in the base rendition. The remainder of the setup begins with 128GB of stockpiling as a base.

What are the best Apple iPhone 15 deals?

There are as of now different iPhone 15 arrangements accessible. As far as some might be concerned, you want to exchange a qualified gadget and get a markdown, and there are different proposals too.

At transporters, AT&T will slice up to $1,000 off the cost of another iPhone 15 Pro Max with an exchange, while Verizon offers an exchange reward of up to $800. At T-Versatile, you additionally get comparable exchange offers with limits of up to $1,000.