I have been utilizing this since I began demonstrating,” she makes sense of. “All the makeup craftsmen use it!” Then, taking purifying to a higher level, she spreads a cloak of La Mer’s Purging Froth everywhere and utilizes a gua sha facial instrument to give herself a facial back rub. “I use it all over, [when] I need to unwind [it] a tad,” she says. “I have no guidelines, I simply follow the lines of my face. See the blood? It helps [it circulate].

Xiao Wen Ju’s Guide to Beauty Secrets

Model Xiao Wen Ju’s Skincare Routine

Prior to sending off into her evening time standard, model Xiao Wen Ju takes a long, full breath. Also, it’s merited — the Chinese beauty’s pre-bed custom isn’t for weak willed. Pulling out all the stops, Ju is here to share the circumspect nine-step skin-care routine that assists her with keeping up with that clear shine.