Latest Top 10 Laptops Under ₹20,000 in India. This price list was last updated on December 11, 2023.

Looking for a laptop under 20000 online is somewhat of a problem because of the tremendous query items on the web. Likewise, it very well may be hard to choose a laptop in the event that you’re not refreshed with the most recent specs and elements which enhances your buy.

To help you in a superior manner, we have recorded here the best laptops under 20000 with spec scores and other significant subtleties, for example, show size and type, processor, RAM and storage, network, designs, battery, and so on that make it more straightforward for you to pick the right laptop.

Select from our large number of laptops from famous brands in India like Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, and so forth, and conclude which is the best laptop brand under 20000. Likewise, contrast laptops and your #1 brands on premise of cost in India and specialized details which possibly helps in picking the best performing laptop. It is prudent to check client surveys, appraisals, and elements of the relative multitude of items carefully prior to putting away any cash.

Dell G15 Gaming Laptop
Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

Latest Best 10 Laptops Under ₹20,000 in India

Top 10 Laptops Under ₹20,000 in IndiaPriceAccessible From
Ultimus Pro NU14U3INC43BN-CS Laptop (Celeron N4020/ 4GB/ 128GB SSD/ Win11 Home)₹9,990Oct, 2023
HP 255 G9 840T7PA Laptop (AMD Athlon Silver-3050U/ 4GB/ 256GB SSD/ DOS)₹18,949Jun, 2023
Ultimus Lite NU14U4INC54BN-CS Laptop (Celeron N4020/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win11 Home)₹15,990Oct, 2023
Infinix INBook Y1 Plus Neo 2023 XL30 Laptop (Intel Celeron N5100/ 4GB/ 128GB SSD/ Win 11 Home)₹19,990Jul, 2023
HP Chromebook 14a-na1004TU Laptop (Celeron N4500/ 4GB/ 64GB eMMC/ Chrome OS)₹17,990Sep, 2022
Primebook 4G Android Laptop (MediaTek Kompanio 500/ 4GB/ 128GB eMMC/ Android 11)₹11,990Mar, 2023
Primebook S Wi-Fi Laptop (MediaTek MT8183/ 4GB/ 128GB eMMC/ Prime OS)₹10,990Oct, 2023
Acer One 11 Z8-284 UN.013SI.032 Laptop ( Intel Celeron N4500/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win11 Home)₹18,990Oct, 2023
Lenovo V15 82QYA00MIN Laptop (Celeron N4020/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win11 Home)₹19,990Apr, 2023
Primebook 4G Android Laptop (MediaTek Kompanio 500/ 4GB/ 64GB eMMC/ Android 11)₹10,990Mar, 2023
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