One of the buzziest first-time Met Celebration participants is unquestionably Jennie Kim of Blackpink. As one of Karl Lagerfeld’s last handpicked muses for the place of Chanel, the performer is a welcome presence on honorary pathway, which praises the late originator. Individual Blackpink part Rosé offered Kim some guidance for the evening, “Rosie was here last year and said, “Proceed to have a good time!” Kim told Emma Chamberlain on the live stream.

Jennie Kim has consistently considered how individuals plunk down in their luxurious outfits once they’re inside the display. Fortunately for her, this evening, the Chanel group made a reevaluation of look 164 from Lagerfeld’s fall 1990 prepared to-wear assortment, which incidentally turns out to be a small dress — Kim’s length of decision. The silk bustier dress is decorated with a straightforward white camellia with a strip tie at the bodice, while a matching blossom is stuck to her hair.

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